Are pictures important?

10 May
May 10, 2011

Are the pictures taken to sell or let a property important? Yes!!!


Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words. These days so many people go on the internet to look for a home, they often will compile a list of the homes that they like based on the pictures that they see. Then they will contact the brokers of only those properties that they listed. If you don’t have the right pictures up, your house will not be seen. It does not matter how good of an agent you are, if the property is not well presented they will not be interested.


What is important when taking a property picture?




Besides the importance of real estate photography, it is also vital to stage the property. This means that you are going to want to make the property as appealing as possible to the different people that are looking at it.

You will want to put away things that show you have pets, and take the pictures so that your rooms look spacious and large. The more pictures that you can show the potential buyer the more they will want to look at your house. It is important that all of the pictures be very flattering inside the home as well as outside the home.

More about Homestaging



The Hardware

You will need:


A camera is chosen depending on your needs. I would suggest a full-frame with a wide-angle lens but as most of you will already now that price-tag runs up very quickly. But most of the DSLR-cameras combined with a wide-angle lens and a tripod can produce amazing pictures. So I would start of with that.

a small guide: WikiHow

A tripod

Consider using a tripod. If your hands are naturally shaky, or if you need to take several identical shots in a row (such as with HDR photography), or … , then using a tripod is probably a good idea. For very long exposures (more than a second or so), a cable release (for older film cameras) or a remote control is a good idea; you can use the self-timer feature of your camera if you don’t have one of these.



Extra factors

  • Enough light, often forgotten when staging: TURN ON ALL LIGHTS
  • Take your pictures on sunny days, NEVER at night
  • Don’t just look with your eyes look through the camera.
  • When taking picture for real estate look at the room/space, not an object. You are selling the property, NOT the sofa or the painting.
  • Take photos off the entire property, example when taking a facade picture make sure the entire roof and facade is in the picture not a part. COMPOSE YOUR SHOT
  • Pro-tip: start using HDR-photography


The angles

Compose your shot thoughtfully. Frame the photo in your mind before framing it in the viewfinder. Consider the following rules, but especially the last one:

  • Use the Rule of Thirds, where the primary points of interest in your scene sits along “third” lines. Try not to let any horizon or other lines “cut the picture in half.”
  • Get rid of distracting backgrounds and clutter. If this means you have to move a some furniture around, then do so. If glare is coming off the windows of the house across the street, change your angle a bit to avoid it. Keep all mess well out of the frame of the picture, and you will end up with much nicer, less cluttered photos.





Here is an example of a before and after picture:

On the left you can see a unstaged property picture with clutter and taken from a bird’s-eye-view. So overall not a good picture. Your attention is not drawn to the property but towards the clutter in the proeprty.

On the right we see a staged property, no longer from bird’s-eye-view, but still not a good picture. Why? Because there was no attention for the angles. The viewer is NOT able to see the best feature of the apartment, being the view.

Underneath, on the contrary to the above images, is an image were the image was taken from on a tripod with attention for the angle as well as for staging the property. So this would be called a good image. Your attention is immediately drawn towards the view and the space not what is in it.



Digital presentation of real estate photographs is the key to good seller in the property market. In the present property marketplace, real estate photography became the essential tool of property firms!


If you want to read (learn) more about taking even better pictures and HDR photography in real estate: click here.

A nice guide to consider reading: WikiHow

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