Engel & Völkers Sint-Martens-Latem Mobile Website

07 Aug
August 7, 2010

We, Engel & Völkers Sint-Martens-Latem, realized that if we wanted to reach as many people as possible via our website. As well as give all visitors a great user-friendly experience, that we needed to jump on the mobile boat.

So we sat together with the designer and thought of what definitely had to be incorporated and what could be left out.

We came to the conclusion that this were the 4 main pages that had to be incorporated:

  1. Properties (search),
  2. Services,
  3. About,
  4. Contact form

So the designer started with these criteria in mind. No more, no less.

To check out the final product, being a small but informative website click underneath or on pic:


The mobile website has been active for about a week now, and I think that we are able to say that it has been a success. At the moment the mobile site is used by almost 10% of all our visitors. (Not taking in account the launch views.)

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